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Mobile Device Programming

David Keathly

Course Overview

This course will focus on developing applications for mobile devices using tools that require minimal levels of programming expertise. Participants will build a number of applications using different tools including those supporting HTML 5 that are platform independent, as well as tools specifically for Android and IOS platforms.


A basic understanding of web development including HTML 5, Javascript, and basic programming concepts in any high-level object-oriented language would be useful.


Welcome to the Mobile Device Programming Track! I will be posting course materials and resources here prior to the start of the session and throughout our week together. So please check back often!

Also, before you come to the first session, please set up a gmail account if you do not already have one!

We are mostly going to focus on Android development (bring a device if yo have one) and a tool called AppInventor. But as time and interests permit we will look at some other tools and cross-platform activities as well. Come prepared for lots of discussion, brainstorming and hands-on activities!

Some Starting Links

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Google University Consortium Info
The main page

Shannon Madison
“Wesley C (Google)”

Getting Started Materials

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